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Negative Pregnancy Tests


“I don’t suck!”

Post By: Sarah – Wife/Athlete/Mother

I knew something was off. It was not evident in my everyday life, but definitely in my training and racing. As athletes we are very in-tune to our bodies. We notice when our bodies feel off in training. We are also hypersensitive to any physical changes in our body. Hence, I knew something was off.

This feeling is what ultimately made me drag myself to the doctor’s office for blood work. The doctor’s office, the place I would rather avoid at all costs. The same doctor’s office that would later reveal the real cause for my less-than-par races that concluded my season.

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2015 Altitude Trip: Lions & Tigers & BIG BEAR (oh my!)

Post By: Darren Brown – Husband/Father/Coach

This past year, Sarah partook in her second ever altitude trip.  In 2013, she trained in Flagstaff for a little over 4 weeks and, after coming back down for a few weeks, went on to run the World “A” Standard of 4:05 (her first 1500m PR since 2009) at the OXY HP Meet.  In 2014, an unfortunate injury kept Sarah from going to her second altitude trip, but we were able to get a great trip in this year. Here’s the rundown …

Live High. Train Low.

As much as we both enjoyed Flagstaff in 2013, we knew it wouldn’t be an option this time around due to my work requirements in Solana Beach, CA.  Fortunately, we had another altitude destination only 2.5hrs away in Big Bear, CA.

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