From baby steps to running strides … and everything inbetween.


New Balance has sponsored Sarah since 2009 and has become more than a sponsor, they are family.  They have supported her through both ups and downs, including a 2009 World Championship 1500m final, two years of injury, and then a return to the World Championships in 2013.  Sarah appreciates everything that New Balance stands for as a company and they have put together a team of women who exemplify the same characteristics you will find within the company itself … loyalty, strength and, as a result, success.

With her mom being a breast cancer survivor, Sarah also appreciates the opportunity New Balance provides her to get involved in their 25-year Susan G. Komen partnership.  Sarah’s initial involvement came through her participation in the #laceup365 campaign, which reminded the world that the fight against breast cancer does not take place in October alone, but is a daily battle fought throughout the year.  In honor of this movement, New Balance made Sarah a special race kit, which she wore proudly in 2014 when running the world leading time for the outdoor mile, 4:26.

Sarah looks forward to her future as a member of TeamNB and the New Balance family. She can honestly say that her career would not have made it this far without their support.

ElliptiGO has been a partner of Sarah and Darren’s since 2013.  In the two years that preceded the 2012 Olympic Trials, Sarah spent much of that time injured and unable to run.  Cross-training became a big part of keeping her fit, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.  Sarah and Darren firmly believe that the extensive cross-training Sarah did in those years played a pivotal role in helping her finish 5th at the 2012 Olympic Trials after a mere 5 weeks of consistent running.  That point became a light bulb moment for Darren as a coach, and opened his eyes to the potential for strategic cross-training to be used to help Sarah, or any athlete, stay healthy, train consistently and run faster.

The ElliptiGO has been a valuable tool since that point by allowing her to increase overall volume and have consistent training, all while closely mimicking the running motion and providing mental stimulation from being outside.  This integrated approach played a large part in Sarah making the 2013 world team, running a 2014 world lead for the outdoor mile and running 4:03 (1500m) / 2:01 (800m) PRs in the Spring of 2015.

The ElliptiGO made such an impact on Sarah and Darren’s lives, that in 2014, Darren came to work for ElliptiGO as Marketing Manager, where he strives to help athletes of all abilities see the same improvement and enjoyment that Sarah has had from her use of the product.  They are both grateful for the support, flexibility and friendship that the company has shown them and their family!