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PSA: “No touchy touchy”

Back in high school, a girl on my track team used to have a saying, “no touchy, touchy”. However to really get the full affect and authenticity, you need to imagine a sassy petite who would pout out her lips, put one hand on her hip, and use the other hand to wave her finger at you, while saying “no touchy, touchy!”, in her version of an Italian accent. The saying, along with accent and attitude, became a standing inside joke between my friends and me. Every once in awhile, I still bust out the saying just for good humor. And now, as a pregnant woman, I think it is the PERFECT phrase (accent & attitude included) to ward off the dreaded belly touching.

Belly touching. Just the thought makes me cringe. Is that horrible to say? I’m not sure but I do know that I am usually a brutally honest person so I can’t lie. I don’t like people touching my belly. Continue reading

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“Quack, Quack, Waddle, Waddle”

Post By: Sarah – Wife/Athlete/Mother

Am I … *gasp* … waddling?!

Sadly, that was actually a legitimate question that popped into my head around the 15 week pregnancy mark. Waddling. Me. Yes, the idea was preposterous. I was only 15 weeks pregnant! Waddling is a term saved for those last few weeks before delivery. You know, when your belly protrudes to levels you never thought possible, you can’t see your feet and are retaining more water than the Hoover dam. At least that’s what I always thought … Continue reading

Negative Pregnancy Tests


“I don’t suck!”

Post By: Sarah – Wife/Athlete/Mother

I knew something was off. It was not evident in my everyday life, but definitely in my training and racing. As athletes we are very in-tune to our bodies. We notice when our bodies feel off in training. We are also hypersensitive to any physical changes in our body. Hence, I knew something was off.

This feeling is what ultimately made me drag myself to the doctor’s office for blood work. The doctor’s office, the place I would rather avoid at all costs. The same doctor’s office that would later reveal the real cause for my less-than-par races that concluded my season.

Let me start at the beginning. Continue reading

first ultrasound


Hello World!

Post by: Sarah Brown – Wife/Mother/Athlete

Hello world, my name is Sarah Brown and I’m pregnant. Wait…what? Pregnant? Did I just say that? The answer is yes, yes I did. If you know me, I am sure your mind is filling with endless questions. One of which is undoubtedly, ‘Why would one of America’s top 1500m runners decide to have a baby leading into arguably the biggest year in a track athlete’s career, an Olympic year?’ Well, the answer is actually quite simple. Continue reading