From baby steps to running strides … and everything inbetween.

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Baby Steps (literally & figuratively)

Well it’s a new year! So new year means new goals, new perspectives and a fresh outlook for the future. Right? Right!

From a personal standpoint, I have to say that 2016 was, without a doubt, the BEST for me. I became a mother and got to experience all the joys and emotions that used to just seem like cliches for how people described motherhood. Now, I actually get to FEEL these emotions (not just hear about them) and let me tell you, they are totally amazing. Yes, love IS blind and yes, I do believe that Abigail is the cutest, greatest, most talented little human ever.

All that being said, from an athletic/running standpoint, 2016 definitely fell short for me, but not because I didn’t “make the team”. Continue reading


Episode 1 – Run Mama Run

RMR Ep 1Episode 1 of “Run Mama Run” was one of the toughest to film and is still one of the hardest to watch.  While those who truly knew us and knew our intent, approach and purpose showered us in support, those who don’t, sometimes didn’t; And often times could be downright ugly.  We faced that negativity head-on when it was unavoidable and, together, persevered through some harsh and hurtful criticisms. Continue reading


Getting Down to the CORE of it!

One definition of core is “the central or most important part of something”. When people refer to their body’s “core strength”, they are talking about the muscles of the torso; lower back and abdominal area. I don’t think it is by coincidence that this region of the body is named the “core”. It is this region that maintains our posture and supports our functional movement. Therefore your core is indeed one of the most important parts in maintaining physical wellness and athleticism. It is the very base for creating a strong foundation to build upon.

Pregnancy definitely takes its toll on a woman’s core. It creates imbalances, stretches muscles and overall weakens the core. One of the major components in returning to physical activity postpartum is the healing, rebuilding and strengthening of these core muscles. Continue reading

Sarah Stretch


Appreciating “Flaws”

Everybody has at least one. One change they want to make to their body in order to feel better about themselves. Even the most confident of persons has one. No one is immune to that nagging voice telling us, if we could just change this one particular feature on our body, then we’d be happy … we’d be content. Well, I am no exception.

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment in time when I first “noticed” this particular feature and started feeling self-conscious about it. There was no trigger, no “ah hah” moment when I decided to start disliking this aspect of my body. It sort of just came about over time. It crept up on me and manifested in my mind before I even had a chance to defend myself.

So what is this body issue that I am speaking to? Continue reading


I Didn’t Think I Would Do It…

I didn’t think I would do it. I actually laughed out loud at the absurdity of the suggestion; brushed it off and thought “what kind of crazy person actually does that”. But now…now I’ve changed my mind.

So let me start at the beginning. The suggestion actually came several weeks back… Continue reading

Roll Recovery

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A Pregnant Perspective on Professional Running

A pregnant perspective on professional running…or in simple words-“what pregnancy has taught me about being a professional runner.”

When I think about the term “professional”, I envision a person performing their job to high standards, which is something that I always felt like I did. However, it took training while pregnant for me to really take a hard look and re-evaluate my pre-pregnancy training.


Sarah’s 2013 New Balance autograph card

This is both embarrassing and humbling at the same time. Don’t get me wrong. I held myself to high standards and expected the very best of myself each day…but now I realize it was only in certain aspects of my running career. Basically, I suffered from what I like to call the “distance runner mindset” (did I just say ‘distance’ runner? I mean ‘middle-distance’, obviously!). The “distance runner mindset” is the internal need that many endurance runners feel to get in their weekly mileage through the routine of long runs, workouts, etc. The sole focus of the “distance runner mindset” is on running/mileage. Continue reading

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Selfless VS Selfish

“When I can be selfless”. That’s what I always told myself about having kids. The time would be “right” when I could be selfless.

That’s because growing up I was one of the lucky ones. I had two very selfless parents. My mom left her job and stayed home with my brother, sister, and I until we were old enough to start school. Between the three of us kids, we participated in soccer, cheerleading, band, cross country, karate, wrestling, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, school plays and even dance. My parents were always on the sidelines or in the audience watching and supporting us.

Growing up we also had season passes to amusement parks, water parks, swimming pools and even to Colonial Williamsburg. We took family vacations each year to places like the beach or Disney World. My dad participated in every father daughter dance & my mom volunteered to chaperone field trips. I could go on and on but the point is my parents were always INVOLVED. They made my brother, sister and I the focus of their lives and put our activities, wants and needs above their own. From field days at school to driving 45 minutes each way to soccer practice our parents constantly gave their money, time and attention to better us. They were and still are selfless.


Sarah holding her now two-year-old niece, Leighton, when she was a baby

I however, am the opposite of selfless. I am selfish. Continue reading