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Solana Beach Sunset

So-long Solana (Part 1)


Aside from the unfortunately necessary post about our dear friend Mike Byrnes just days after Christmas, The BTeamRunning blog has been eerily quiet lately. Some of you may be thinking, “well, things must not be going well with the training”, or maybe you thought, “I guess they haven’t had anything exciting happen lately”. Well, it’s just the opposite actually. Everything – and I mean everything – is going great. And everything is changing. We continue to be truly blessed with the people and opportunities God has placed in our life. As a result, we have barely had a moment to sit, let alone write about all we are doing.

Long story, short … we’re moving!

As of the New Year, Sarah and I officially become residents of Warrenton, VA – Sarah’s Solana Beach Sunsethometown, about 30mi southwest of Washington D.C. and close to where we got married at a vineyard back in 2012. Four weeks ago, we began the departure from our own little slice of paradise out west in the beach-side community of Solana Beach, CA.  We drove one of our cars, packed with our two dogs, all their belongings and one of our ElliptiGOs, 3000mi across the country. This trip marked the start of one of the most hectic times in our lives; a time that will surely be outdone soon when our little girl graces us with her presence! Here’s the cliff-notes version of that timeline:

Nov 21-23 – Drive 13-15hrs per day for a 3,000mi journey from Solana Beach, CA to Warrenton, VA with two dogs, a pregnant wife and a packed car. I question my sanity for

3,000mi, 13hrs/day, 2 Dogs and 1 pregnant wife. I like to live on the edge ...

3,000mi, 13hrs/day, 2 Dogs and 1 pregnant wife. I like to live on the edge …

even attempting this journey … but all’s well that ends well, right?!

Nov 24-26 – Thanksgiving with the Bowman Family. A love-filled, controlled chaos of family, kids and food comas. This was the first year that Sarah and I did not Turkey Trot. Instead, we trained … and trained hard!

Nov 27-30 – ElliptiGOs first ever Black Friday Sale (which lasted through cyber Monday). It was insanity!

Nov 30 – Dec 4 – The Running Event in Austin, TX where we debuted our newest ElliptiGO elliptical bike, The Arc. At half the price of the ElliptiGO 8C, it made a huge splash and was really exciting to get in front of retailers and industry leaders.

Dec 5-8 – Fly back to Solana Beach to meet Sarah so we could pack up the rest of our home in U-Pack Pods, which would then be shipped across the country. I have to take a moment to recognize Sarah here. She is a ROCKSTAR! We moved our entire house into three pods – just the two of us. Reminder: PackingSarah was 25 weeks pregnant at this point and has more than a little baby bump. It was impressive to say the least …

Dec 11-13 – Our house was empty, so we decided to take the weekend to visit a friend of mine from the UT MBA program, Bryan Lundquist, up in San Jose. It was a great trip to end our time out west with.

Dec 14-18 – I attended the USTFCCCA convention on behalf of ElliptiGO in San Antonio, TX. Meanwhile, Sarah came back to VA to await the arrival of our belongings, which we received and unloaded – this time with the added support of Sarah’s parents (this is important later).

Dec 20 – After landing back in Virginia and unloading our U-Pack Pods, Sarah and I immediately re-packed the pups and ElliptiGO and headed south to Lakewood Ranch, Florida, where we spent the Christmas holiday.  The trip has been much needed after a 2yr hiatus and I could not be more thankful to have spent this time with my parents and wife before we return to Warrenton, VA to await the arrival of our newest family member!

Phew … *DEEP BREATH* …

So here I sit today, finally taking time to catch up on our blog; and, despite the update I just provided, we have undoubtedly left even more questions.  Tomorrow, we start 2016 by answering those questions and diving deeper into our new path and exactly why we have been so blessed over these past few months since finding out our family of four (yes, our two dogs count and we are THOSE people) is becoming a family of five … stay tuned for So-long Solana (part 2) coming at you in 2016 – tomorrow!

Author: The BTeam - Darren & Sarah Brown

A wife, mother and professional athlete. A husband, father, coach and training partner. Telling our story as we make our way through parenthood and chase our dreams together.

2 thoughts on “So-long Solana (Part 1)

  1. So happy to see this update! I had anticipated the so-long-Solona thing! Thankful that all went so well for you two!


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