From baby steps to running strides … and everything inbetween.

Coaching Sarah

See My Schedule – No words. Just Work.

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Post By: Darren Brown – Husband/Coach/Father

Schedule 20 weeks

In light of the recent (but not surprising) revelations by Dick Pound and WADA regarding the systematic doping in Russia, and possibly other Nations/Federations, I will simply post Sarah’s schedule this week … no comments.  We’ll let the HARD WORK of this 21-week pregnant woman speak for itself in terms of dedication, commitment to clean sport and hope for a better future …


Coaching Sarah

Coaching Sarah’s 5x5min, 5x3min, 5x1min Workout. Our dreams remain unwavering.

Sarah ElliptiGO Workout

Hard work is not glamorous, but it is honorable.

Sarah Napping

The only acceptable way to fully recover … well, this and the copious amounts of food the preceded it.

Author: The BTeam - Darren & Sarah Brown

A wife, mother and professional athlete. A husband, father, coach and training partner. Telling our story as we make our way through parenthood and chase our dreams together.

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