From baby steps to running strides … and everything inbetween.

Self Magazine (April 2015)

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In April, 2015, Sarah was featured in a New Balance advertisement in Self magazine. Below is the Q&A used to create the ad …

Rise and Run

Sarah's page in Self

Sarah’s page in Self

American track-and-field athlete Sarah Brown shares the motivation behind her morning mileage.

During a typical week, what does your morning routine entail?

“I need to be finishing workouts around 8:30 AM because my husband is my coach and training partner and does all of this while holding down a full-time job.  I don’t like to do a lot of sitting around before a workout, which is why I am usually up and running within 20-30 minutes of crawling out of bed!”

“After my workout, I head to my garage to do post-run rehab and core work. Then, I have coffee and breakfast before heading out the door again to walk my two standard poodles or take them to the beach to play. My daily priorities are workouts, playing with my dogs, and food!”

What tips/tricks do you have for getting up and out the door efficiently in the morning?

“On mornings when I head to the track, I typically leave my running bag packed and lay out my training kit so that it is all ready to go. The time constraint of needing to finish track workouts and any post-run ancillary work by 9 AM is usually enough motivation to keep me from hitting the “snooze” button and dragging my feet. It helps to have my husband as a training partner because having another person definitely makes you more accountable.”

What motivates you to work out?

“I love how working out makes me feel. My favorite moment is finishing the last interval and feeling utterly exhausted, but also having an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. There’s no better feeling than knowing that you’ve tested yourself, your own limits, and conquered them. I also really enjoy being able to run with my husband and feel very blessed to share something we are both passionate about. It’s our own little piece of quality time every morning.”

How do you overcome your fitness-related challenges?

“Having dealt with some bad Achilles issues, I have had to learn how to adjust my workouts in order to keep my body healthy. I now cross-train regularly to gain an edge on my competition without injuring myself. Sometimes you just need to find new ways and approaches to achieving the same goals.”

How do your surroundings influence your workouts?

“I live in the sunny San Diego area and am able to work out in shorts all year round so I hardly ever worry about how the weather will factor into my workout routine. I am very blessed in that manner!”

What type of outdoor workouts do you prefer?

“I do all my training outside, including the ElliptiGO elliptical bike, weight lifting, and ancillary work.”

Are there any fitness boutiques that you frequent on a regular basis?

“New gear is always exciting and when you look good, you feel good! I visit the New Balance website quite often to look at the latest gear.”

What are your go-to activities for post-workout rewards?

“I always look forward to my morning cup of coffee. Also, long runs (Saturdays) are great days for brunch. My husband and I either make a big breakfast at home or ride our cruiser bikes to a local brunch spot after our long run. When runners aren’t running then we are typically eating or at least planning our next meal! Food is a great motivation!”

“I also look forward to spending time with my dogs and letting them play. They need their workout too!”

What New Balance shoes/gear get you through each of your workouts?

“For training runs, I wear the 880v5. I love those shoes! For workouts, I typically wear the 1400v3. They are definitely my go-to shoe for interval training and many track sessions.”

Author: The BTeam - Darren & Sarah Brown

A wife, mother and professional athlete. A husband, father, coach and training partner. Telling our story as we make our way through parenthood and chase our dreams together.

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